Are you looking for a garage in Kingswood, Keynsham, or Cadbury Heath?

During the summer of 2017, all garages on these sites – a total of more than one hundred lock-ups – have been completely re-roofed and are thus well set to face the rigours of the coming winter!

The good news for potential tenants, is that although we have invested in excess of £40,000 on this project, garages remain available at a reasonable rate – £65 per calendar month in Keynsham or Kingswood, and £60 in Cadbury Heath.

(There is also a newly roofed site in the centre of Kingswood with security gates at £72 per month).

However, we do recommend that you check in the appropriate place on this website to ensure that one is still available.

The picture below shows the new roofs on the Keynsham site.